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Hologram started in 1983 when I (Carl Jasper) was playing bass for the "Gary Efford Band," Gary Efford Band Videos |  Jeff DeYoung (drums), Chuck Mills (guitar), Rob Nunn or Doug Goodwin (keyboards, mostly Rob) Gary Efford (writer/singer).   After playing many local clubs in Los Angeles including "Wongs West and East" I realized it was time for a change.   Garys' music and the ensemble of talented musicians in the band were a great learning experience for me.   Still, I wanted something more than to just be a replaceable bass player in the band.

I asked Rob if he would play keyboards on a tune I had written.   Danny Loi (another excellent musician) programmed an early EMU Drumulator with an awful hum in the output.   The 8 trk studio we recorded at didn't have the equipment to reduce or remove the hum, so I lived with it.   After a few nights of recording and mixing I had "Trendy Mannequins" in the can.   I felt a good connection with Rob and when he said let's do a "B" side I immediately agreed.   Jeff DeYoung helped program the drums using a different machine this time, (read that NO HUM!).   "Scraps" was the end result of me butchering a romantic tune that Rob wrote.   He never seemed quite happy with the result (or me at the time) but to this day I believe it's still the best experimental playing he's done.

Then along came Ken Ferrante as lead guitarist to complete the band.   Hologram continued to record and rehearse improving and adding to our growing list of tunes.   Then the world of music exploded with the advent of "MIDI".   We used Commodore 128s and midi interfaces to control all our gear.   The music industry was changing fast and it was very hard without a record deal to finance all this wonderful equipment.   Hologram eventually parted (mostly good terms) and reunited for a few recording sessions here and there.   I haven't heard or seen Ken since then, Rob is now using his real name (Elliot Anders) and we still keep in touch (he's a brilliant musician) and Jeff - master drummer/song writer has moved out of California to pursue fatherhood.   And me, well I met up with Doug Goodwin (now deceased) to start a progressive rock band "U.R. ONE" That story is located there.

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Players: left to right     Carl Jasper Hoffman (bass, vocals)  
Jeff DeYoung (drums, vocals)   Ken Ferrante (guitars)
Elliot Anders (keyboards, vocals)

Floppy Pop - front  Floppy Pop (front)

Floppy Pop (back)    Floppy Pop - back    

Hologram Players
Bass, Vocals: Carl Jasper Hoffman
Guitars: Ken Ferrante
Drums, Vocals: Jeff DeYoung
Keyboards, Vocals: Elliot Anders
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Additional Vocals: Terri Nunn
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