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My first Guitar: UPDATE - flash no longer works. Use "Ruffle" extension
I remember my first guitar and how I got it.   She was standing at my bedroom window (after school I believe) with a small steel string guitar and Beatles songbook.   I was about 14-15 years old at the time.   Deanna Powers was motioning to me "come outside - we have some business to attend to" well, maybe not those exact words...(smile)

So we're sitting on the front lawn and she says "I want you to play me a song out of this Beatles book".   Magic words.   Here I am, sitting on my parents front lawn with whom I considered to be a beautiful girl (had a small crush on her) how could I refuse?   I opened the book and started deciphering the strange markings in the book about where to place your fingers on the guitar to make a chord.   Of course later I would know this as guitar tabulation.   Well, I tried and like every beginner was amazed at how much the steel strings were cutting into my finger tips.   I almost gave up until she said some more magic words "you keep the guitar - next week I'm coming back and you will play me a song then."

Throughout the years I still haven't forgotten the one person who started me down this musical adventure.   Oh, she did come back the following week and I was able to play one song out of the book.

Why And If?
I was discussing a band I was not fond of (upset that it was even called music) with a friend Rick Rippey and he said "they have a CD out that is not only playing on the air, it is also selling CDs at the record stores.   Where is your CD?   What have you done?"   Talk about an eye opener!   For all the recording sessions and live performances I had nothing.   Oh sure, lots of stuff in the can sitting in my closet waiting for a miracle.   Most of that stuff is still sitting in my closet.

That's what this site is for.   To bring my tunes and others so you may enjoy them or not.   I also had finally hooked up with an excellent musician Doug Goodwin whom I had played with off and on for the last twenty years or so.   We were in the process of making our own CD for public release.   In the middle of all this, he passed away before his fortieth birthday - that story can be found in the U.R.ONE section of this site.

My brother would have you believe the purpose of AndIf.com is to bring you the latest in soft drink technology.   This is absolutely not true.   Hologram did coin the term "Floppy Pop" for the flexible Evatone records though...

If you enjoy the music you'll find here, you can purchase any one of our many CDs online.
Under no circumstances will any of the proceeds be turned over to the Tanzanian government.
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